Throw it to Fire

Anything more becomes anything less,

In a more agitated state we move

So we realize our own obviousness.

Deception destroys and this it does prove:

Working alone is weary and harder,

Than sculpting your future with only thin wire.


Collect your thoughts here and step out the door,

Collect your smiles and frowns alike with haste,

And collect all your shame; throw it to fire,

Embrace your own strengths and learn to desire,

Let not your knees wobble or strike hard the floor,

Now use what you’ve learned and set your own tastes.


Create your own world and set it aflame,

Then sit there and watch it from a moon far away.

These flames do not burn, but rather inspire.

Now, burst from the tongues that screamed at your skin.

As a phoenix once does soon after the fire,

Forget the black ashes, fly through this din.


2 responses to “Throw it to Fire

  1. Lucy

    August 25, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    This one is intense. Love it presh!


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