The Lady In Green

The careless sway of your hands

demands all my haves

wants and needs,

hypnotic limbs wrestling

with their leaves,

hair flowing like ocean breeze,

As fresh or as clean

As luscious grass sprouting,

outside my veins

My skin starts pouting,

This lady in green

knows she’s arousing,

doesn’t she?

Dropping seeds,

letting be,

what will come,

go as it please,

Strong like tree trunks,

Where I am Weak,

I clatter sharply to my knees,

gasping and grasping

at the air so I can breathe,

pollen with aroma choking,

Till my neck you are stroking,

petals gracefully settle

on the level,

half of my head,

wind half whispering

what you had said,

my wheeze abruptly ends,

cooling vapor greets my chest,

before you think to go

I already miss,

Your breathless kiss,

longing for all of you,

m’lady in that black and green dress


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