Long Live Rock

Descent of the notes rumbles high in the heat

sweeping strings tap through feet

most rather scream then start to speak

when did the electric days

of creativity blaze

only to decide those songs were a daze

a trivial phase

never to become new again

how can we find it?

that time we once winded

on down longing roads

and voodoo chile’s screeching red soul

how in the hell are we to know

why that stairway couldn’t be sold

or how golden gods once danced on this earth

back when people felt like birds perched

deciding together we would fly north

the rhythm and melody leading us forth,

words of a promise

tossed to the honest,

open-hearted, peace-charmers

lest palms forget why we hold on as

tightly to journey,

both dramatic queen and crimson king yearning

to see and receive the end of destroying

raw energy flowing,


and growing,


live on like a rock

to keep on a’rolling.


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