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“Don’t waste yourself in rejection, Nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.”

~~Ralph Emerson


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Thoughts by thelionwriter

I am constantly depriving my body of sleep. My body says “now”, my mind stays restless. As if I might miss something phenomenal by going to bed before five in the morning; the thought alone is ridiculous. However, my thoughts pace feverishly back and forth in the caverns of my head telling me “stay awake a little bit longer.” It might be my subconcious’ way of saying there are still things for me to accomplish before I can rest, islands to discover, empires to build, minds to mold, people to encourage, an ocean of things for me to learn, hear, experience. “I know, I know!” I find myself saying, “I should sleep but there’s still so much I can do right now.” It’s never the small things I can remember in the dreary sleep deprived sunrises I watch. I never recall the laundry I should fold or the clothes I should wear tomorrow, I where I need to be the next night even; instead these impatient concepts and projects appear in my mind with enormous responsibilities, grand visions, and the epic elusive goals of a dreamer. Pictures and sounds flowing through my minds eye the way a memory collapses suddenly upon us- only these memories are a future that my heart can feel itself pulling towards. Alas, nature calls me back from my brain’s denial of relief so that slowly I can crawl towards the rest my only human body needs. Sunsets are overrated.


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Art and the Subconscious

The deepest parts of yourself can be explored through creation and productivity ~thelionwriter


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Letter to the Millienials: Envy

Reflecting on the Christian ideas of the seven deadly sins gave me the idea to start a new prose series entitled: Letters to the Millienials. The main concept for this series being advice in the form of written lectures that I think might be helpful for the people of my generation. Today’s topic is the ‘vice’ known as envy. (Please know that my beliefs are meant to be open towards all religions, faiths, cultures, colors, peoples, and styles. The fact that this post was inspired by the Catholic notion of the seven deadly sins is not meant to be in any exclusive or judgmental. I mean for this writing to be free of judgment and only a way to give advice by offering my own humble perspective.)


Homies and peeps, let us remember our true nature is not that of the thief. We have been mostly tied to a culture of theft in our generation, specifically to harbor the happiness of others as our own. Recall a time when your peers received a reward or gift and you did not. Envy is usually born immediately- it may be in fact our first reaction, however we should not confuse it with our natural instincts. For envious thoughts breed slanderous tongues. when jealous thoughts and tongues become one, this is when we put on the mask of the thief. A creature who only strikes when the victim is most exposed for fear that he might otherwise be caught or punished. Rather than accepting the other’s happiness as something to relish in we find excuses to ridicule them, to belittle their accomplishments, or steal their deserved spotlight. Our inability to realize that we too can feel proud when someone else does, keeps us from sharing and leads us down the path of thievery. Nay, millienials this is not our natural instinct. This action of thievery has been bred in us by our society. Remember, one of the sole things in this world worth having is happiness and it happens to be highly infectious. The folly of envy is its ability to make us ignorant of this natural and factual law of life.



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Human Nature.

It’s crazy how something as simple as riding a bike can stimulate your thoughts in one quick moment. The lines on the pavement run beneath your pedals and the shade of trees over head divides light into dark and then back again. Here’s the result poem from a recent bike delivery, Fear of the Storm, can be found under the poems section of this blog. Enjoy!


riddled storieshuman nature

trapped betwixt the lips

embracing inner follies,

perfect faults, and fits

similar to dashed lines

riding on the pavement,

pockets in the shade

completely clothed

and fully naked

even caught in stores

you still feel the statement:

The sun does not rise and ask for a payment,

The moon doesn’t glow and wonder who for,

The bird doesn’t sing to obtain a good score,

The tree will not cry when it rots at the core,

And the river moves with not runs from its source,


Human nature forced a new form

Hiding our sails for fear of a storm

Not letting wind take us

Ignoring air’s patience

Lustfully wanting

More breeze

Than it





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What I’ve noticed lately in my poetry are fantastic concepts. Not in the sense of “Holy crap this is a fantastic poem!” but in the mythical, dreamy, lack-of-reality sense. This new poem is entitled Dreamcatcher and you can find it under the poems section of my blog. Enjoy!

Where do dreams move to?dream4

waking removed


blankets peeling smooth

off your body

and in Through

Some cavernous space

you find before Wake

deepest parts of yourself

slip past the day

only to be sleeping Again

this time out of your Bed

walking around

pretending we’re Dead

The image’s left,

The minute your breath

born on The mouth,

will be hidden with friends

see through their lenses

re-discover these thoughts

before you can End it.


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Home is Where the Heart Is

Recently my Internet has been acting up at home. Which gave me the idea to take a much needed visit to my parents house. It was here  that I was able to finally post a bunch of things I have been working on while away from the inter-web.

fireThrow it to Fire  is a piece I wrote about 2 years ago that I realized I hadn’t posted yet so now you can find it under the Poems section.

The message behind the poem is simple and inspired by the famous St. Ignatius of Loyola quote: “Go Forth and Set the World Aflame.” As a Jesuit high school student, St. Ignatius was one of the big motivators in my writing at the time. It’s safe to say his influence can still be seen in most of the writing I do now, even though my religious ideals have changed.

The second piece A (1) Past Life is a poem that came to mind last night while I was visiting a friend. Her little patio area outside had looked familiar yet there were multiple objects (i.e. a T.V. and antenna receiver) that seemed out of place to me. As if the last time I saw this place was in a time when those things didn’t exist yet. This strange feeling of Deja Vu was so prevalent that I decided I would jot down the first words that came to my head about the scene. The result is A Past Life.

The third piece is another poem titled Mirrors in a Dark Room are Nothing but Broken Glass. This title came to me based off the idea of existence only being applicable to those people or things who are being perceived- similar to the way mirrors only have reflection in a lit room. More vaguely placed in this poem is the idea of humans needing other human interaction to truly thrive. For what is a life without loved ones?

And finally, the piece I worked on the most during this time was my short story Q: The Job Interview. This short story started as me wanting to describe the anxious feeling of waiting for a job interview and turned into another Twilight Zone-esque adventure featuring a level-headed protagonists and snarky sense of irony. One of the ideas behind this story came from my current job as a delivery boy.

I urge readers to give me their comments and critiques on this story especially. One of my ideas for the character of “Q” is to continue his narrative possibly with a new short story for him each week- each situation more confusing or strange than the last. For those that think this is a great idea or would like to see this character continue to make appearances please let me know!

Besides that, Enjoy!



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