Short Stories

In 1st grade, I remember being given an assignment in which we had to describe a make-believe sea creature in one paragraph. The next day I turned in several pages. Though I can’t remember exactly when, it was shortly after that I started coming up with different ideas for novels. A couple of which I finished (the longest “novel” was 20 or 30 pages at most), most of which I am still working on. Every now and again I’d have a school assignment which required me to write a short story or two but mostly I focused on novels and the occasional poem. It wasn’t until I after I took a creative writing course that I began experimenting more with short stories and the novella. My biggest inspirations for my  short stories have to be Twilight Zone and Edgar Allan Poe. For me it’s safe to say: no matter how short the story may be the bests ones last forever in either your dreams or nightmares.



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