Thoughts on Music

Thoughts on Music

Updated June 22, 2011

Updated July 22, 2011

Often times people debate about music and who is good and who is not, what is original and what has already been done, and especially who has “sold out” to become “mainstream” and who has “stayed true” to themselves. The fact of the matter is this: there are gonna be “good” artists out there and “bad” ones all the same, no band will ever release music without sounding like some band before them- even if only a tinsy-itsy bit, and every artist is destined to change, to develop different influences, dislikes, and likes at different points in their careers. It is my very very serious and firm belief that music is meant to be heard, made, and above all else enjoyed. Any song that stirs emotion inside of you whether its hatred, love, happiness, sadness, inspiration, or even disgust has done its job, everything else is relative. Music can be nothing but what it is to you, everyone else’s opinion is their own. As for me, I know one thing to be true about music: Music is Infinite.


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