Being Equal

This story starts with a room…

And ends with four turtles.

Now my beginning,

Will end very soon.

And as for the turtles,

My second set of hurdles.

This room was adorned with pictures of a struggling King.

And the turtles, they were:

Black, Red, Orange, and Blue.

They all lived in a box,

Such a dreadful thing.

But they seemed to have not a clue.

And here they all lived,

In a sweet harmony.

Until TurtleBlue decided to open his mouth.

“This box’s color, and mine as well, are as South as South!”

TurtleBlue said at the top of his lungs.

And the three other turtles turned around so fast…

That they stuck out their tongues.

“And just what does that mean?” replied TurtleRed.

“It means that my color…

 Is better than yours.” TurtleBlue said.

“Well how can that be?

Orangehappens to be rather dashing.”

TurtleOrange said with a yawn.

Then TurtleBlack spoke up, in a tone that was quite passing.

Black is actually the greatest of them all, You SILLY LITTLE PAWN!”

And the turtles…

Can you believe what they did?

They argued, roared, and screamed…

All while TurtleBlue hid.

And while they all did this, the devil beamed.

The colors! The colors!” he laughed towards the night.

“To see them arguing over this, is, oh, such a sight!”

But back in the room…

In that small tiny box…

TurtleBlue began to think, as quick as a fox.

“Aren’t we all just turtles? Or am I wrong to assume?”

TurtleBlue thought as hard as he ever had in his life.

But all the yelling cut through his thoughts like a knife.

“Will you all please STOP!?” TurtleBlue said to his friends.

“I’ve thought and I’ve thought,

And its easy to see,

We are all just turtles living here in this box,

And ‘being better’ is something we shouldn’t have sought.

Instead we should just be.

We are all the same creature living here on this rock.

I am sorry for saying Blue was the best.

Its not, we are equal, so let’s give it a rest.”

And the turtles…

They all quieted down.

What TurtleBlue said was true…

So they made not a sound.


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