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On Wednesday, 

March 4th, 2015
I despise the fact that I’m writing at this moment, not so much the writing aspect of it, however it’s the fact that all my greatest prose projects appear in my head close to the dawn. On occasion, I have woken from a deep slumber in the wee hours of the morning to extract creative juices from my skull. At times I feel stronger than those around me sometimes even arrogant that my ideas can stem beyond my control, beyond sleep- yet it seems I am one of many. How many of you reading this now have felt a dying desire for rest but become plagued with mindless thoughts as your pillow hits your head? I’d like to believe this is the mark of a special type of thinker- a creator. Musicians, writers, and artists alike are understood to be best at their most eccentric, often referred to as a little crazy but ‘not in a bad way’. It seems to me that sometimes insomnia often comes as part of the deal- a blessing and a curse. 

If I recall correctly, half of my writing last month was written on the cusp of exhaustion, and my newest song-writing attempt was hashed out from midnight till five in one long-night’s work. This ability (or curse) to loose sight of your most basic needs for the sake of creativity is an heirloom inherited for the purpose of breaking expectations, setting new goals, and conquering your imagination – passed down by the awe spoken masters of the old world. Dalí confessed his greatest works came to him in the drowned of the morning, staving off sleep for better brush strokes. Though it can hardly be said that insomnia is the mark of a genius, it’s what you will choose to make of it when you stay up that has the final say . As a 23 year old male who loves writing before anyone’s woken up- my solution to other creative insomniacs is to get your thoughts out on paper or canvas, then see if the bed feels softer. For some, however I think we’ll just keep writing. 


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Clock Hands – #LyricOfTheDay

Lyrics for Just Bustadelic
There’s not enough time in these

Clock Hands, for these moments past

Or is it my head, that just ticks too fast 

There’s not enough time in this

Watch band, fashion always sells 

And if you’re late, they can always tell

Like sand you’re slipping through my fingers 

Pushing seconds nearer, leaving now behind

So take from whatever tree you see

I don’t even really believe that all of us can be bad

There’s not enough time in these clock hands, for the days ahead 

Because by then, we won’t count with them

There’s not enough time in the present, to erase the past

Cus sure enough clock hands make it last

But soon enough sand will trickle down gears wound tight signing on count

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Before the Dawn

My favorite moments

lay close before the dawn,

sheepish hours of yesterday

clinging to the lawns

stillness laughs triumphant

and casts the birdsongs off

purple-lighted murals

enchanted by the stars

cloaked in desperation

longing for moon’s pause

shrouded with light’s gauze

in ever-changing awe.

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#iQuit Cigarettes Vol.3

It’s been so long since my lost post in the #iQuit series. I’ve had this entry written in my journal from this past summer. My posting of Vol.3 marks the re-start of these journal entries so that I may finish the original 7-part series I had planned for my ordeal on quiting this nasty habit. Thanks for reading! Please share if you are trying to quit to and don’t give up!


I’m driving home, the blur of raindrops on my windshield serves as a temporary distraction from my thoughts. I take a sip from my coffee; my roommate does the same. He rolls down his window and we light our cigarettes in grey moonlight underneath passing purple clouds. The commercial from a television break plays over in my head: ‘A man walks into a convenience store. “Menthol cigarettes please.” He puts down his money, while the clerk eyes him curiously. “That’s not enough. Two teeth please.” The customer sighs and reaches into his mouth, followed by the gut-wrenching crack of the man’s teeth being detached from his bottom jaw. He puts his teeth on the counter and the narrator closes the scene with a warning concerning menthol cigarettes increasing the likelihood of gum disease.’ Running my fingers through my hair, I feel my stomach churn. Toxic smoke is literally filling my lungs right now, carcinogens are coursing through my blood stream. @truthorange states that at least 69 cancer causing chemicals exist in cigarettes. Shockingly, but not in any way coincidental, 90% of all lung cancer victims are smokers ( Tobacco’s even been called more or as addictive as crack, heroine, or cocaine. But sitting in the car now I clench my stomach and toss the cigarette half-done out the window. The dense fog of dread leaving my stomach I breathe in the silvery rainwater air and hear the hum of my tires on the road…


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Unspoken Words

How difficult can unspoken words become?

When we hide our desires and scorn the ones we love

How patient is the honesty that we all hope we have?

Does it lie inside us waiting,

Hoping that we ask:

“I really need your help,

What else can I do?”

Does truth answer back or does it leave it up to you?

Praying that maybe,

you’ll know what to choose,

but until a friend we lose,

we wrap ourselves in lies

with deception as a tie

slinging hate together,

as though it were our lives

such dart beady eyes,

concealing our own face

in roundabout paces

like our shadows in the night

Shall we continue in the dark

Or let our sunsets rise?

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Continuing on thoughts from yesterday (see my #MindOverMatter post on the homepage), I decided to post another interesting article on something called the law of attraction. What is the law of attraction and how can we use it? If you’ve ever read the book or seen the movie The Secret then you might already know about this principle. The law of attraction dictates that those who think positively attract positive things into their life, or more precisely, we can use our thoughts, words, and overall demeanor to attract the things we want in our life. However, the law of attraction works in many ways and often disregards your wants for your true needs (hence the phrase, ‘everything happens for a reason’). Check out this informative editorial piece from collective evolution and start attracting change into your life today:


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The popular phrase “mind over matter,” have you ever thought of what it actually meant? In my series about quitting cigarettes ( #iquit volumes one through 2) I explain how I have been trying to use my mental perception about cigarettes to try and quit my habit. The thought of an addiction being broken through sheer ‘mind training’ is quite astounding isn’t it? How do athletes use this skill? Or how can your average joe use the power of mind over matter everyday? It isn’t just a silly phrase, check out this informative article on training your mind to visualize your own reality. posted by @hypno_land on twitter:

And please check out my twitter at @thelionwriter to see what I’ve been up to!


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