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Was there ever disease,

Before we gave it a name?

Did cures exist before anything

Needed a fix?

Did anything have weight before we uttered, “I can’t lift this.”?

Have we forgotten the value of trade for false profits?

What have we gained in this trade for cubicle lifestyles?

How have we gotten this far and still need an on button?

Where’s the next exit on this tattered highway and how long do we wait before we put what our blinker lights signal into effect?

When can we stop being passive and weak and press ourselves to the fabric of this interwoven little dustball lying on the universe’s kitchen floor to understand how much more we are, how much smarter we can be, how there is so much more to know how, there are millions of people to meet, thousands of experiences to have, an endless amount of things to do, and no reason to be bored. Ever.


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