This Makes Absolutely No Sense

Something has changed

All I can say is I’m not quite the same

These emotions, these feelings,

None of which are explained.

That word they throw around,

It’s not in my vocabulary.

Even with the night stars blaring,

Nothing is real, and nothing is right.

Paralleling the way I feel on those starry nights.

Quietly wishing that I might be there,

Even if only to show that I care.

I used to be worthless, but now,

I feel I can breathe.

Used to be blind,

But sure enough now I see…

See the truth of it all…

Of maybe how it should be

Not Alone

Not Forever


Plus Glee…

Given all at once, at the flick of the wrist.

And now add affection to the top of the list.

Maybe, I think, I should’ve ended it there.

But the words keep on coming…

And I feel I can’t stop.

These words are my feelings,

Feel free to stare.

Re-read my rhyme,

And then you’ll envision,

Something quite different from what we’ve been given.


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