The Oncidium Alliance


The lead guitarist in a jump blues band from 1942, summoned to this time by Rachel. In his time he was considered the most forward thinking blues artist around.



Decided to head to the nearest bar after being fired from a journalism internship for writing an article about how alcohol was good for his writing. Used to be in multiple bands back in high school.


Ran away from home at age sixteen to live on his own and pursue his passion for drums. He never owned a set but was able to a home kit in a commune he joined.


Classically trained opera singer who usually plays at the Orchid Bar. Outside of her singing career she takes fortunes and claims to know many mysterious magic spells.

Late on a Friday night, Rachel was preparing herself for her weekly performance at the Orchid Bar- slightly south of Dallas off of I-35. Her phone rings and the crackling voices through the line inform her that both her violinist and pianist got in a small wreck and won’t be coming. Rachel sighs but then realizes the opportunity to try something new. Across the building Dylan slouches on his bar stool trying to get over the loss of his internship at the local newspaper when an announcement is made some singer will be on stage soon. Indifferent and possibly ignorant of the news Dylan downs his glass and promptly asks for another. Backstage Rachel stands face to face with a man named Bill. “What’s the year?” Neither of them blink. Then Bill takes off his hat and looks around quizzically , “1942?” Silence. “And how long did you say you’ve been playing guitar?” Outside the bar, Matt waves goodbye to his ride and shoulders his bag. Inside are three changes of clothes and almost twelve different pairs of drumsticks. Wondering how he’s going to get back to Dallas from here, Matt walks in to see Rachel and Bill take the stage.

“Yes ladies and gentlemen tonight I won’t be accompanied by my regular associates.” Rachel’s eyes scan the crowd. “But I’d like you all to meet my friend Bill, he will be playing guitar tonight, we have a few amps on stage and enough equipment for a full band, so far it’s me and Bill-“ Dylan’s yell cuts Rachel short, “I’m here! I used to play bass all the time in high school!” An optimistically drunk Dylan stumbles towards the stage spilling his last bit of beer on the way. Matt meanwhile has already grabbed a handful of sticks and rushes to the stage.

Before Dylan and Bill finishes plugging their instruments Matt is behind the drumkit on stage. “What songs do yall know!?” The four look at each other for the first time realizing that they might not be prepared for this. Rachel bites her tongue. Bill scratches his head beneath his hat. Someone in the crowd coughs. Bill steps towards the nearest microphone and hesitates for a second. “Uh, I’m not too familiar with this part of town.” Only a low chatter near the bar can be heard over the silence. His dead stare into the audience was filled with confusion. “But I hear that this is the Orchid Bar. I remember reading a book about different colored orchids that grow together with my wife.” Both Matt and Dylan are counting out a beat in a whisper, “It’s a song called Velvet. You said you know it. Let’s make it in eight. Can you start it? Are you even sober enough to play?” Dylan snarls in response and turns up his volume. Bill clears his throat and continues. “She said that when that happens the flowers form a type of uh coalition, if you will.” A ripping bass line from Dylan starts to be heard underneath Bill’s monologue. “This group of orchids becomes something called an Oncidium Alliance.” Rachel has already grabbed a tambourine and begun tapping out Dylan’s beat, while Matt begins to steadily increase the intensity of a drumroll.  As Bill steps back towards his amp one of the bartenders seizes the moment to grab the microphone off the stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Oncidium Alliance!”


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