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Good Intention Poem for 10/8

Do More,

Say Less,

Displace Stress,

Develop Talents,

Surround yourself with confident


who help you help them,

Strength stems

from seed of patience:

never placing soil hastily,

using mind’s eye

rather than senses,

for clarity,

when my judgment misses,

Invoke an illicit intent,

to become all I am each living moment

to learn how to wait,

patience with grace,

in times where emotions take over life’s race,

I need to be kind…

…re-open my mind

let knowledge roll forth,

understand yet be blind

walk steady my course

and embrace my full life.


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Thoughts by TheLionWriter on 10/7



Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. I feel as if time is speeding up for my life or perhaps everyone else’s time is slowing down. My year living on my own has matured me so much. There were many skins I slipped over my own, many shoes I donned on my feet, roles that even now I find myself intertwined with again: the ignored voice of reason, arrogant older brother shameful coward, impulsive dimwit, haughty rich man, dirty hippie, useless student, successful student, adamant lover, practicing Buddhist, energetic performer, simpleton, city boy, a reader charismatic leader, downtrodden loser, diligent worker, lazy burnout, typographer, planner, politician, salesman, venue owner, party-thrower, party-goer, party-pooper, dimissive intellectual, above all however a determined writer. I wonder now as my Dad becomes another year older if he became these many things in his twenty-second year of life and if he now scoffs as how trivial those days were. Even now I find myself longing for my last year of high school on the loneliest of days; thinking to myself “Wow, those were the days huh?”. Humans, perhaps the only creatures who lust after their past while mindlessly navigating the present. We are all but players on a grand stage- trading roles for each new act, ultimately learning each other’s parts till they are revealed to be one and the same. A play withing a play, a character within the character, the great symbolic motion we all groove to, teaching each other steps to the dance of life, whose song can only be hear faintly in the now like the wind of a candle being blown out on your birthday,,,,


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#iQuit Cigarettes Vol.3

It’s been so long since my lost post in the #iQuit series. I’ve had this entry written in my journal from this past summer. My posting of Vol.3 marks the re-start of these journal entries so that I may finish the original 7-part series I had planned for my ordeal on quiting this nasty habit. Thanks for reading! Please share if you are trying to quit to and don’t give up!


I’m driving home, the blur of raindrops on my windshield serves as a temporary distraction from my thoughts. I take a sip from my coffee; my roommate does the same. He rolls down his window and we light our cigarettes in grey moonlight underneath passing purple clouds. The commercial from a television break plays over in my head: ‘A man walks into a convenience store. “Menthol cigarettes please.” He puts down his money, while the clerk eyes him curiously. “That’s not enough. Two teeth please.” The customer sighs and reaches into his mouth, followed by the gut-wrenching crack of the man’s teeth being detached from his bottom jaw. He puts his teeth on the counter and the narrator closes the scene with a warning concerning menthol cigarettes increasing the likelihood of gum disease.’ Running my fingers through my hair, I feel my stomach churn. Toxic smoke is literally filling my lungs right now, carcinogens are coursing through my blood stream. @truthorange states that at least 69 cancer causing chemicals exist in cigarettes. Shockingly, but not in any way coincidental, 90% of all lung cancer victims are smokers ( Tobacco’s even been called more or as addictive as crack, heroine, or cocaine. But sitting in the car now I clench my stomach and toss the cigarette half-done out the window. The dense fog of dread leaving my stomach I breathe in the silvery rainwater air and hear the hum of my tires on the road…


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Musician’s Soul

A musician’s soul

relieves the toll

of living with dispair

by filling lungs with air,

divides the cautious stare

reveals what words can’t share

stays far from herd that wear:

the same clothes,


bratty emotives

and happy heroes

to the masses

those discreet liars by habit

political tantrum masters

whom edge on their opponents

for fear of the matter

at hand,

those who can take a stand,

play in a band,

have notes to help us


a vision

that we all once had

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