Letters to the Millennials

Letter To the Millennials from thelionwriter



Homies and peeps,

let us remember our true nature is not that of the thief. We have been mostly tied to a culture of theft in our generation, specifically to harbor the happiness of others as our own. Recall a time when your peers received a reward or gift and you did not. Envy is usually born immediately- it may be in fact our first reaction, however we should not confuse it with our natural instincts. For envious thoughts breed slanderous tongues. when jealous thoughts and tongues become one, this is when we put on the mask of the thief. A creature who only strikes when the victim is most exposed for fear that he might otherwise be caught or punished. Rather than accepting the other’s happiness as something to relish in we find excuses to ridicule them, to belittle their accomplishments, or steal their deserved spotlight. Our inability to realize that we too can feel proud when someone else does, keeps us from sharing and leads us down the path of thievery. Nay, millienials this is not our natural instinct. This action of thievery has been bred in us by our society. Remember, one of the sole things in this world worth having is happiness and it happens to be highly infectious. The folly of envy is its ability to make us ignorant of this natural and factual law of life.



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