Just Bustadelic


Jump the gun again,

Eating bullets,

Killing my friends,

Patience is for better man

And I’m not one of those…



Start my day off with shopping cart and clothes,

That I haven’t washed in god knows how long, no,

I keep trying to kick my habits, had a talk with my own soul

I looked into the mirror, and a sang a little tune

That went…


Find the Rhythm in your earthquakes,

Let the wind teach you how to set a groove

Look at all these crazy people

And maybe I’m one too…


Walked into the bar! With my cigarettes

Could I get a drink sir, I haven’t quit just yet

He looked at me and smiled while I paid my bill

Said, “Son your lookin’ tired, looks like you’ve had your fill.

But I won’t stop you from getting exactly what you want

But really take a moment, go get out there and…”


Find the Rhythm in the oceans,

Let the fire teach you how to set a groove

Look at all these crazy people

And maybe I’m one too…


Give me the answer please

We need a way around

this dream, and every sound

Is just a lie, you know!

Heard it on the news

we are the glue, in this world, and the next one too,

and the next one two

Well I’m afraid to lose myself my friend

and sometimes we may miss a step

but so did the best, and so will the rest

This isn’t life, This is a test…

Wake me, I sleep too much

Break me, a spark to touch

shows me, that I can love

my blood, can still run true

And I want it to,

get back to the groove

I can love too

And I should love to!

Tell me we can still groove,

Tell me that you groove too,

if you trip on your shoe

get back up and back to grooving (x4)


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