Whatever It Is

Do You…

Just want to hold her, and never let go?

Squeeze her so tight that you feel your bones…

Pressed up against hers, and its like “Maybe I’ll never be alone?”


Stay up all night just to talk on the phone?

Or give her a kiss that she’ll never forget?


Some people give up and throw their hearts in a pit.

But, you…

Your different, you know what its like.

When you feel like death, over just one fight.


Call you crazy, but you, you don’t care.

Some people say it’s a disease that’s come up…

From Down There.

Intellectuals say it’s a blessing from heaven.

Which could be so true…

Or maybe just another ‘lucky seven.’

Whatever It Is…

You know how it feels.


Tell everyone it’s important…

To seek what others have sought.

Because once we have a taste…

You know we can’t stop.


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