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The Hate We Still Lack

Quietly weaving web
from the threads
of your unsaid words,
the herd
travels far from this hearth
small fires burning inside of the hearse we travel through
out to
Another brother,
wrapped up in covers
how the family unit moves to recover, what they never had
communication lines broken in half
lives sliced by the mass
of smashed ashes
and clash,
do the lines rued by the king
and his princess,
the rings
their mistress?
endless conflict
multiple distresses
the fact of the matter lies in girl’s dresses
only to lie,
in bed,
people never designed
in their mind but still find
how to detach
and react
to the way they will eventually die
or cry
out to the sky, of
how the timelines of yours
might align with mine
is only in silence and science
to pry out of our heads
and write down in lead
the way this writer will paint it read
Whereas mathematicians
create it in triads
Boxers will take it in jabs
Skinny punks smoke it in fags
And multiple people insist we all drag
On and on and on about
All of the useless hate we lack

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Let Hollywood Drown

Are we strongwilled or really good actors?
Misplacing ourselves to escape from disaster
As If we would find safety faster
by climbing our ladders
Our stars turn in circles,
aimlessly weaving patterns,
mystical ovals see through the clatter-
just to waste life with the lies of our purpose
Dividing our halves
lusting the past
forgetting the path
we will walk in our earnest
ignoring our truths,
cracks on the surface
Who we are is not far
from the masks we put on,
let Hollywood drown,
gone, the roles that you dawned
So, Fear not what it is ,
that makes your heart tick,
cherish the seconds that you learn your lessons,
embrace every moment you haven’t explored yet,
rip off the face
you’re wearing in shame
replace what you placed
over your graceful ways
Honesty is only valuable when,
you admit to yourself what you are within,
forgive what you did,
forget the word ‘sin’,
see everyday as fresh to begin
being the person you are again

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Why The Rave Generation is Wise

Different colored lights pass through dim fog in that enormous pit of a dance floor. People push through each other and shove there ways into circles to watch someone in the center dance. Exchanging goodbyes can be heard in the crowd, everyone adds their own rhythm to the bass heavy dance track. The rushed heavy tones of impatience, sultry low whispers of the seductress, clopping of people’s footsteps, growling lovers, breathy salesmen out on the prowl, the deep resonating drop of change on a table, and the high pitched yells of an argument. Hedonism stains the walls and bleaches the jaguar-printed carpet bellow us, mischief and under-the-table glances are being tossed around like a cat would a ball of yarn. Everyone wreaks of sweat and lust as the sway their bodies in and out of time with the constant obsessive music that reverberates throughout and penetrates every fabric of the building. From one standpoint the club is a literal hell on earth, sins bubbling in this frothy dance pit like a boiling cauldron full of rave dancers, dance ravers…what was it again? On the other side, as I’m beginning to realize, is an actual slice of heaven. Two girls pass each other by right in front me then both immediately turn back. They hold up their wrists to show the beaded bracelets they’ve made. Though the conversation can’t be heard you can imagine it. “Well this one I made when I saw this one concert.” “I like it. This ones from my last time here.” The verbal exchanges die quickly before leading to a specifically timed and natural sequence of hand movements. Peace. The two put their hands together with two half circles to form one. Love. The girls curl their half circles into a one large finger heart. And finally Unity. They clasps their hands together then exchange bracelets while their fingers are still laced in each other’s. Then they turn and walk away from each other as if never happened. Perhaps a simple or childish little interaction that had been seen as the thing to do for this electronic-crazed immature generation. But it was much more, nay it is much more, I saw two humans sharing experiences, giving memories, creating split-second friendships, recognitions, appreciation and respect. The club operates like a heart pumping endless energy into these consistently vibrant people. And all around the blood cells push each other on and support one another. A heavier man passes our group of friends with a bottle water. “Hey brother,” I tap him and motion to our friend, “give her some water, please, she’s been dancing pretty hard.” The water that night was five dollars at the bar, we were all flat broke at this point. “Of course man,” he hands her the water, we thank him, he disappears back into the glob of people around us. A shorter spikey-haired kid behind us stomps out his dance steps slowly for a couple of onlookers to learn how. Three other girls off to our right are exchanging their “candy” now and repeating the same steps. Peace. Love. Unity. These same steps are camouflaged within the cheap stripes of wallpaper surrounding us and hidden in the flashing shadows on the dance floor. A gaggle of Young adults, no, little kids out on a playground having fun, pushing each other from swings laughing when one falls but helping them up anyways, gaining and breeding excitement from the pure contact of being in contact with everything and everyone around you- the god-inspiring energy of being alive. And knowing it. Celebrating it! Adding on new intricate rhythms to that one same constant beat that is life itself! Compassionately edging each other on to the point where we are syncopating in a delicately interwoven counter rhythm humming in time with each other without even realizing it- like two girls under different colored lights saying peace, love, unity to each other before dancing away. Heaven is here, I wondered aloud. These people, my friends, have no where else to go. This is it, we don’t know what happens next or why it hurts to be alone or what’s going to knock us flat on our ass tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter. This night, in an after hours dance club in north Dallas I learned the real joy in this life is being here and giving to those around you, celebrating each other’s presence, yet this was a lesson these stupid “E.D.M. PUNKS” already knew and had been passing around like a torch. One that was sparked many many aeons ago when we first learned to speak or even make tongues with our hands- the age old firewood now burning bright in our hands and perhaps, I might admit, even brighter than ever. The simple statement glued to our pores and running through our bloodstreams that we can’t help but share. There in this hyperactive dance club, the message is clear and loud. Heaven is here if we want it to be. Peace. Love. Unity.

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Art and the Subconscious

The deepest parts of yourself can be explored through creation and productivity ~thelionwriter


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