I’m Hit!

scathed by an arrow

misguided by heroes

struck down my pride

and started to grind

molars against canines

my jaw locked in a straight line

frustration divides

and spreads itself

ringing ears begin the spell

so bells make it hard to tell

how to whisper

what i want to yell

the poison seeps in

like the stain of a pen

and nerves become thin

anxiously thinking

i can still win

Awkwardly Curling

my lips to a grin

Gracelessly Stumbling

over my toes

shoulders stretched back like

Cupid’s Bow

feeling as heavy as avalanche snow

falling as easy as any wind blows

feigning belief of having control

the sedative hits

and lets my eyes roll

towards the back of my head

where my thoughts look like lead

weighing down the sleep from my bed

new pressure compressed

forcing me to confess

i wasn’t just scratched








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