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Art and the Subconscious

The deepest parts of yourself can be explored through creation and productivity ~thelionwriter


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An Unwinding Clock

Technology is such a great thing, it connects so many people in a split instant. Yet just like a coin there are two sides to everything and more and more, especially in my generation I see technology being…almost used as a narcotic by some. Mindful use of technology and lack of over-indulgence is something I think our time can benefit from. Feel free to express your thoughts on this topic and enjoy this poem¬†Smarter, Better, Happier in the poems section of this blog. Enjoy!

entire universes fit in your fist,

so crisp,

already drunk

we persist

to sipclock

boozed up on knowledge

thinking that college

sits in palms stalling

uploading fog

to distract from your calling

endless lines of talk




not even a care be tossed

instead our heads rock

back and forth

like a slowly,


unwinding clock

playing in a great make believe

gaining a hunger to feed

an addiction to please

or a smarter,





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Starlight Midflight

photo (1)This poem was inspired by King B’s piece show above!

Levitate your place to a higher state

Throwing your cares up with grace

Retire your mind

Let your tongue slide

Dare to be strange

In starlight midflight

For who really gives a hoot?

If what glitters is gold

We all get the loot.



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A Lack of Words

This poem is more or less about the way hands can say things that words cannot, the way letters are meaningless unless they’re grounded in actual thought, and what it feels like to be speechless. Find Calmly Sinking under the poems section of my blog. Enjoy!

let free, your fingers crawl

to clasp upon a talk

grasp at quiet palms

and wade across the dark

dash across grooved skin

wishing to be mute

communicate your spins

your twistshandwords

your turns

your loops

discreetly weaving threads of word

so that no smiles go unheard

every movement something more




Instead of

Diving First

what pleasure does fresh vocabulary give

when we forget the use of words

to remember hands within


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The Making of Art

Yesterday as I helped my friend King B paint a mural on an barber shop’s wall, I walked around taking several pictures.

Some of them came out perfectly straight, well cropped, following the rule of thirds.

Others were crooked or simply blurry.

And as the day went on, I couldn’t help thinking about the idea of artists- specifically in this case, painters- working outside of a canvas.

Taking the confined space of what the traditional art-form of painting entails and expanding it: making the world your canvas.


Speaking to King B afterwards, he agreed that working outside of a traditional picture frame or canvas is one of the things he manipulates the most in his artwork.

I watched King B and his friend Rudy paint and occasionally took direction from them to add some primer here, color in a shape or two there. And slowly the painter’s process unfolded right before me.

They would create their basic doodles in white, giving a basic understanding of where faces, shapes, and colors might go.

I understood that to be the writer’s outline or basic premise for a piece: an initial idea for what you decide to eventually write in later.

Then slowly they added their first layers of paint to the bodies and heads, making sure to go over the parts that needed the most paint first. IMG_0004

This is something I do as a writer all the time.

Take the initial idea and begin writing the main conflicts, possibly even finishing it all in one sitting.

Lastly, I witnessed the two muralists mix more colors to add shading, detail, depth and finally outline their characters.

In the same way, my final step to a short story is always to add more details (adverbs and imagery) to scenes, fill in missing plot points (depth), and conclude my piece so that all ideas, images, characters, and moments are completely interlocking.


Not only did I enjoy seeing this transformation happen, but the joy in discovering our two different art forms were the exact same was enlightening. Best of all, it gave me inspiration of my own to create my own artwork that day. You can find the text format of this poem underneath the Poems page, until then enjoy this more visually enticing version. Enjoy!


The Art of Making

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