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My seconds graze

the clock hands’ shade

A mind’s race goes for daze

Suns rays erase a watch’s stain

Even on the glare’s long days,

Our shadowplay moves yesterdays

To powdered futures, bronzed and glazed

A moment grows yet remains the same

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Before the Dawn

My favorite moments

lay close before the dawn,

sheepish hours of yesterday

clinging to the lawns

stillness laughs triumphant

and casts the birdsongs off

purple-lighted murals

enchanted by the stars

cloaked in desperation

longing for moon’s pause

shrouded with light’s gauze

in ever-changing awe.

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Thoughts by TheLionWriter on 10/7



Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. I feel as if time is speeding up for my life or perhaps everyone else’s time is slowing down. My year living on my own has matured me so much. There were many skins I slipped over my own, many shoes I donned on my feet, roles that even now I find myself intertwined with again: the ignored voice of reason, arrogant older brother shameful coward, impulsive dimwit, haughty rich man, dirty hippie, useless student, successful student, adamant lover, practicing Buddhist, energetic performer, simpleton, city boy, a reader charismatic leader, downtrodden loser, diligent worker, lazy burnout, typographer, planner, politician, salesman, venue owner, party-thrower, party-goer, party-pooper, dimissive intellectual, above all however a determined writer. I wonder now as my Dad becomes another year older if he became these many things in his twenty-second year of life and if he now scoffs as how trivial those days were. Even now I find myself longing for my last year of high school on the loneliest of days; thinking to myself “Wow, those were the days huh?”. Humans, perhaps the only creatures who lust after their past while mindlessly navigating the present. We are all but players on a grand stage- trading roles for each new act, ultimately learning each other’s parts till they are revealed to be one and the same. A play withing a play, a character within the character, the great symbolic motion we all groove to, teaching each other steps to the dance of life, whose song can only be hear faintly¬†in the now¬†like the wind of a candle being blown out on your birthday,,,,


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