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On Wednesday, 

March 4th, 2015
I despise the fact that I’m writing at this moment, not so much the writing aspect of it, however it’s the fact that all my greatest prose projects appear in my head close to the dawn. On occasion, I have woken from a deep slumber in the wee hours of the morning to extract creative juices from my skull. At times I feel stronger than those around me sometimes even arrogant that my ideas can stem beyond my control, beyond sleep- yet it seems I am one of many. How many of you reading this now have felt a dying desire for rest but become plagued with mindless thoughts as your pillow hits your head? I’d like to believe this is the mark of a special type of thinker- a creator. Musicians, writers, and artists alike are understood to be best at their most eccentric, often referred to as a little crazy but ‘not in a bad way’. It seems to me that sometimes insomnia often comes as part of the deal- a blessing and a curse. 

If I recall correctly, half of my writing last month was written on the cusp of exhaustion, and my newest song-writing attempt was hashed out from midnight till five in one long-night’s work. This ability (or curse) to loose sight of your most basic needs for the sake of creativity is an heirloom inherited for the purpose of breaking expectations, setting new goals, and conquering your imagination – passed down by the awe spoken masters of the old world. Dalí confessed his greatest works came to him in the drowned of the morning, staving off sleep for better brush strokes. Though it can hardly be said that insomnia is the mark of a genius, it’s what you will choose to make of it when you stay up that has the final say . As a 23 year old male who loves writing before anyone’s woken up- my solution to other creative insomniacs is to get your thoughts out on paper or canvas, then see if the bed feels softer. For some, however I think we’ll just keep writing. 


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Thoughts by thelionwriter

I am constantly depriving my body of sleep. My body says “now”, my mind stays restless. As if I might miss something phenomenal by going to bed before five in the morning; the thought alone is ridiculous. However, my thoughts pace feverishly back and forth in the caverns of my head telling me “stay awake a little bit longer.” It might be my subconcious’ way of saying there are still things for me to accomplish before I can rest, islands to discover, empires to build, minds to mold, people to encourage, an ocean of things for me to learn, hear, experience. “I know, I know!” I find myself saying, “I should sleep but there’s still so much I can do right now.” It’s never the small things I can remember in the dreary sleep deprived sunrises I watch. I never recall the laundry I should fold or the clothes I should wear tomorrow, I where I need to be the next night even; instead these impatient concepts and projects appear in my mind with enormous responsibilities, grand visions, and the epic elusive goals of a dreamer. Pictures and sounds flowing through my minds eye the way a memory collapses suddenly upon us- only these memories are a future that my heart can feel itself pulling towards. Alas, nature calls me back from my brain’s denial of relief so that slowly I can crawl towards the rest my only human body needs. Sunsets are overrated.


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Art and the Subconscious

The deepest parts of yourself can be explored through creation and productivity ~thelionwriter


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The Purpose of Dreaming

I am a deep sleeper. Most of the time when my alarm goes off or someone tries to casually wake me up, dream mirrorI won’t even react. I’ve slept through people slapping me, shaking me, writing on me, and at least three alarms going off at once. Though this is sometimes the cause of my laziness or sleepiness early in the morning, I feel as if I choose to keep sleeping for the sake of the dreams I have. In my head I’m convinced every single dream has a very specific meaning behind it. If there is a certain lesson or insight I’d like to gain about myself or any situation in my life, I try and focus my thoughts towards that revelation before going to sleep.  Then, using all of my analytical skills I will usually try to decipher the true meaning of my dreams by taking notice of certain images that are repeated, phrases that are emphasized, and the overall environment or feel of the dream. The more images, themes, and motifs I am able to pick up on the better my understanding of what the dream was trying to tell me. And though I haven’t bought one yet, I know there are several dream books out there that can tell you what each archetype in your dream means.

People are known to have dreams that actually end up being predictions for events in their lives (i.e. dejavu), reveal their true subconscious desires to themselves, or puts them face to face with their fears. Recently, a friend of mine told me he believes that dreams are just memories from our past lives that our soul begs us to relive again, even if its only during sleep. Scientifically, dreams are an effect of reaching our Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M.) phase in sleep- the point where our body from the neck down becomes paralyzed, our eyes move rapidly back and forth beneath our eyelids, and the chemical known as Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is released into our brains, forcing us to imagine things with our eyes closed (i.e. dreaming).

But in reality, us humans know very little about why we dream or what the true purpose of dreaming might be. Whether or not I know the purpose of dreaming, my dreams have given me great story ideas over the years and inspired me to keep a dream journal as of late. Because of this, I’ve started picking up on those emphasized images more, hearing those repetitive phrases more often, and ultimately deciphering the unique code of each dream quicker. Having some crazy dreams? Maybe you should do the same.



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