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Clock Hands – #LyricOfTheDay

Lyrics for Just Bustadelic
There’s not enough time in these

Clock Hands, for these moments past

Or is it my head, that just ticks too fast 

There’s not enough time in this

Watch band, fashion always sells 

And if you’re late, they can always tell

Like sand you’re slipping through my fingers 

Pushing seconds nearer, leaving now behind

So take from whatever tree you see

I don’t even really believe that all of us can be bad

There’s not enough time in these clock hands, for the days ahead 

Because by then, we won’t count with them

There’s not enough time in the present, to erase the past

Cus sure enough clock hands make it last

But soon enough sand will trickle down gears wound tight signing on count

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Lyrics- A Quick Little F@!k You On Popular Culture and Politics

Conservation’s overrated 

Popular culture is jaded 

Instigate your changes, baby

All the excuses we give just feel

Yeah feel, like this world is going nowhere

Complicated jargon lately

Politics and nice cars, maybe?

In the end it all seems shady

Voting in their booths to say they feel

Yeah feel, like this world is going nowhere 


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Video of the Day

Check out my band Just Bustadelic in the epic teaser trailer made on Wondershare FILMORA video editor.

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Just Bustadelic Lyrics- The GRooVe

Behold! New Lyrics from my psychedelic funk blues rock band, Just Bustadelic. This new song has become our favorite so far and I decided it only fitting to not only post the lyrics here but a link to a shoddy video recording demo of what is coming to be known as The GRooVe 

Just Bustadelic Lyrics- The GRooVe

Give me the answer please

We need a way around

this dream, and every sound

Is just a lie, you know!

Heard it on the news

we are the glue, in this world, and the next one too,

and the next one two

Well I’m afraid to lose myself my friend

and sometimes we may miss a step

but so did the best, and so will the rest

This isn’t life, This is a test…

Wake me, I sleep too much

Break me, a spark to touch

shows me, that I can love

my blood, can still run true

And I want it to,

get back to the groove

I can love too

And I should love to!

Tell me we can still groove,

Tell me that you groove too,

if you trip on your shoe

get back up and back to grooving (x4)

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Break the Seams – Wolves Reign Lyrics

As my first post of 2015 I would like to share my lyrics for my band Wolves Reign’s ( ) newest song originally entitled “Dear Lord.”

The focus of the song is growth, mindfulness, and the symbolism of the moth- the creature who flys Through the dark to seek the light. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with criticism or praise.

Crawling towards the moon
To claim the difference
Of who I was and how I missed it:
The point, is mute and deaf to me

So I save myself bottomless questions
Spin my threads In new directions,
Keep wondering if I’m getting there

NOW, with my wings
In tact or breaking the seams
On my cocoon’s walls are
Change and themes, all future beliefs
In a moth’s dream

A second’s notice
brings you crippling doubts
Of when to shed old skin
and break your proud ego’s sin,
To begin, new again
Past the past
Your present calls, fly at last
No wondering if I’m getting there

NOW, with my wings
In tact or breaking the seams
On my cocoon’s walls are
Change and themes, all future dreams
Is a moth’s belief


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My little brother calls me over from the table and over to a tree next to the grill. “Look,” he says in excitement, “you can see the rays of the sun because of all the smoke!” He points up to where white plumes of smoke circle around columns of holy red light then turns away to begin tossing himself the football that is usually by his side. The wisdom of this twelve year old kid astounds me for a second before I recover myself. As If he had called me over just to remind me ‘hey, there’s beauty all around…everywhere, all the time!’ I think of all the times I’ve neglected hanging out with him as we both grew older or the shows I missed. But now, as it always is when we hang out, it didn’t mean anything. The times we are together were the ones that counted. All the silly jokes and music and games we have shared lasted ten times longer then the time we spent apart. The pointless fights and yelling and the nine years and two months difference between us means nothing. In its essence, this is the struggle and undying compassion of brotherhood. An unspoken bond that neither lightning nor earthquake can dismantle.

Thank you Gabriel for teaching me things no professor ever could. Check out his band The Zeppos playing Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. ~thelionwriter

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Rock N’ Roll

The idea for this poem came to me yesterday as I sat in my car listening to Boston’s “Foreplay/Long Time” begin. Classic rock has always been one of the driving forces behind my drumming and the way I write lyrics/music. This poem is called Long Live Rock and can be found in the poems section of this blog. Enjoy!

Descent of the notes rumbles high in the heat

sweeping strings tap through feet

most rather scream then start to speak

when did the electric days

of creativity blaze

only to decide those songs were a daze

a trivial phase

never to become new again

how can we find it?

that time we once winded

on down longing roads

and voodoo chile’s screeching red soul

how in the hell are we to know

why that stairway couldn’t be sold

or how golden gods once danced on this earth

back when people felt like birds perched

deciding together we would fly north

the rhythm and melody leading us forth,

words of a promise

tossed to the honest,

open-hearted, peace-charmers

lest palms forget why we hold on as

tightly to journey,

both dramatic queen and crimson king yearning

to see and receive the end of destroying

raw energy flowing,


and growing,


live on like a rock

to keep on a’rolling.

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