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Clock Hands – #LyricOfTheDay

Lyrics for Just Bustadelic
There’s not enough time in these

Clock Hands, for these moments past

Or is it my head, that just ticks too fast 

There’s not enough time in this

Watch band, fashion always sells 

And if you’re late, they can always tell

Like sand you’re slipping through my fingers 

Pushing seconds nearer, leaving now behind

So take from whatever tree you see

I don’t even really believe that all of us can be bad

There’s not enough time in these clock hands, for the days ahead 

Because by then, we won’t count with them

There’s not enough time in the present, to erase the past

Cus sure enough clock hands make it last

But soon enough sand will trickle down gears wound tight signing on count

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Just Bustadelic Lyrics- The GRooVe

Behold! New Lyrics from my psychedelic funk blues rock band, Just Bustadelic. This new song has become our favorite so far and I decided it only fitting to not only post the lyrics here but a link to a shoddy video recording demo of what is coming to be known as The GRooVe 

Just Bustadelic Lyrics- The GRooVe

Give me the answer please

We need a way around

this dream, and every sound

Is just a lie, you know!

Heard it on the news

we are the glue, in this world, and the next one too,

and the next one two

Well I’m afraid to lose myself my friend

and sometimes we may miss a step

but so did the best, and so will the rest

This isn’t life, This is a test…

Wake me, I sleep too much

Break me, a spark to touch

shows me, that I can love

my blood, can still run true

And I want it to,

get back to the groove

I can love too

And I should love to!

Tell me we can still groove,

Tell me that you groove too,

if you trip on your shoe

get back up and back to grooving (x4)

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