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Clock Hands – #LyricOfTheDay

Lyrics for Just Bustadelic
There’s not enough time in these

Clock Hands, for these moments past

Or is it my head, that just ticks too fast 

There’s not enough time in this

Watch band, fashion always sells 

And if you’re late, they can always tell

Like sand you’re slipping through my fingers 

Pushing seconds nearer, leaving now behind

So take from whatever tree you see

I don’t even really believe that all of us can be bad

There’s not enough time in these clock hands, for the days ahead 

Because by then, we won’t count with them

There’s not enough time in the present, to erase the past

Cus sure enough clock hands make it last

But soon enough sand will trickle down gears wound tight signing on count

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My seconds graze

the clock hands’ shade

A mind’s race goes for daze

Suns rays erase a watch’s stain

Even on the glare’s long days,

Our shadowplay moves yesterdays

To powdered futures, bronzed and glazed

A moment grows yet remains the same

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Wonder-taken on broken breath

bracing for a white compact

the air was racing cold and cool

I felt the frame shake

the noise was mute,

my tanks on empty my seatbelt’s there

toes are crossed

my hairs are reared

the mirror’s fine

the taillights too,

I shove it and park

kick the brake and retort,

the smell of the airbags

escapes from my door,

The stranger I met

hugged me and swore,

thank god we’re okay

fuck, yeah we’re alive

My front light was smashed

but the ice looked so nice…

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Before the Dawn

My favorite moments

lay close before the dawn,

sheepish hours of yesterday

clinging to the lawns

stillness laughs triumphant

and casts the birdsongs off

purple-lighted murals

enchanted by the stars

cloaked in desperation

longing for moon’s pause

shrouded with light’s gauze

in ever-changing awe.

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Just Bustadelic Lyrics- *(Plans)*

Behold! EVEN NEWER Lyrics from my psychedelic funk blues rock band, Just Bustadelic. This new song is an older tune we are juster starting to rehash and I decided it only fitting to not only post the new lyrics here but a link to a shoddy video recording demo of a song written by our guitarist, Bill all about THELIONWRITER!



You’re tied, to this scene, you’re in

swimming, daydreams, crashing

sour-cherried, secrets, roll in

so keep, your motor, running


No More Plans,

Cus they never come to be

And in that moment can we Seize

Who you want to be… (x2)


So tired, you can barely swim

thrashin’, in fake, oceans

and clouded, stars, teleporting

to make sure, you’re still, floating


And the moss shakes

open leaves to breathe,

and the sun still,

sets to greet the sea

and the bird flies

only on belief,

That life is planned to be

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I wait for the moments

to collide on the page

sitting in wonder

fists balled in rage,

Will words come easy or freely this month?



they hide in my skull uneasy to jump,

to fall on my pens,

and become permanent,

and the heat from my stories

leaves writing singed,

melting mind’s quarries

and imagination.


Yet perhaps its the weight

of outdoing the late

or that passion deflates

when you have a full plate.


But when will my friction

ease writing addictions?


My fickle brains moves

but my pen doesn’t listen,

though my only intention

is remember my mission

to master all fiction

create new depictions,

feasibly make predictions,

to break this affliction

shatter constrictions


End this pitiless self-infliction!


With penniless thoughts that maybe show wisdom,

they appear from within and hope hands will listen

to christen

the given

driven vision


that is missing

or imprisoned,

not yet written

but already positioned


To kill this writer’s torture…

…and forge a new author


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Good Intention Poem for 10/8

Do More,

Say Less,

Displace Stress,

Develop Talents,

Surround yourself with confident


who help you help them,

Strength stems

from seed of patience:

never placing soil hastily,

using mind’s eye

rather than senses,

for clarity,

when my judgment misses,

Invoke an illicit intent,

to become all I am each living moment

to learn how to wait,

patience with grace,

in times where emotions take over life’s race,

I need to be kind…

…re-open my mind

let knowledge roll forth,

understand yet be blind

walk steady my course

and embrace my full life.


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