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My seconds graze

the clock hands’ shade

A mind’s race goes for daze

Suns rays erase a watch’s stain

Even on the glare’s long days,

Our shadowplay moves yesterdays

To powdered futures, bronzed and glazed

A moment grows yet remains the same

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Love is Imperfect

We love the love on our tv screens,
our home screens
And movie dreams-
We cling and swing from the love we see
Though expect our lives to follow these things
And tremble when the spindle
Shakes our faith
Makes us act instead of think,
To react to aggressive emotions
With potions we drink to create those motives
And how we escape them to derail us from totem
Poles, we can no longer climb
Holes we can no longer pry-
Pry from the earth,
Or burning a hearth that screams:
Perfection! Perfection!
If love isn’t script,
Then it must be infection…
What an idiotic reflection,
The pacing of affection
Is the way we care and dare to prove our spirits,
the only directions we move to spearhead bliss;
In this life
Or the next,
Love is imperfect
And that is the lesson.

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Good Intention Poem for 10/8

Do More,

Say Less,

Displace Stress,

Develop Talents,

Surround yourself with confident


who help you help them,

Strength stems

from seed of patience:

never placing soil hastily,

using mind’s eye

rather than senses,

for clarity,

when my judgment misses,

Invoke an illicit intent,

to become all I am each living moment

to learn how to wait,

patience with grace,

in times where emotions take over life’s race,

I need to be kind…

…re-open my mind

let knowledge roll forth,

understand yet be blind

walk steady my course

and embrace my full life.


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Musician’s Soul

A musician’s soul

relieves the toll

of living with dispair

by filling lungs with air,

divides the cautious stare

reveals what words can’t share

stays far from herd that wear:

the same clothes,


bratty emotives

and happy heroes

to the masses

those discreet liars by habit

political tantrum masters

whom edge on their opponents

for fear of the matter

at hand,

those who can take a stand,

play in a band,

have notes to help us


a vision

that we all once had

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Unspoken Words

How difficult can unspoken words become?

When we hide our desires and scorn the ones we love

How patient is the honesty that we all hope we have?

Does it lie inside us waiting,

Hoping that we ask:

“I really need your help,

What else can I do?”

Does truth answer back or does it leave it up to you?

Praying that maybe,

you’ll know what to choose,

but until a friend we lose,

we wrap ourselves in lies

with deception as a tie

slinging hate together,

as though it were our lives

such dart beady eyes,

concealing our own face

in roundabout paces

like our shadows in the night

Shall we continue in the dark

Or let our sunsets rise?

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Not an escape,
But a freedom, yes
phrases drip on the page
This, the stain of my brush
Otherworldly thoughts slip from my head
Somewhere up above my art has been shed
Like a light upon me
To train my hands
To teach not only one but all
A crutch for when I do fall
A support to lean on
A dream to cling to
A finite lovely path to explore
Yet ridden with bristles, stickers, and thorns
This new way to live is all I’ve asked for.


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